Adelaide Showground Bout 4: Wild Hearses vs Road Train Rollers

The showgrounds was the home for game 4 on Saturday, 9 July and saw the Wild Hearses go head to head with the Road Train Rollers. Both teams being on 1 win to 3 losses were keen for another win on the board and were ready to bring it!

The first half saw some fancy footwork from the Roadie jammers. The Hearsie blockers, often working at the back of the pack matched the oncoming Roadie jammers with powerful tripod team work, making it hard for the ladies in Blue to get through. The Roadie blockers were also on fire, drawing cuts on the Hearsie jammers, sending them to the penalty box. These power jams helped the roadies gain a powerful lead.

Half time score: RTR 154 : 31 WH

The second half saw some big hits from both the Hearsies and the Roadies. The Hearsie jammers did some clever star passes and pantie stashes but the mighty pack of roadie blockers was too strong. A gallant effort from the Wild Hearses but being down to 10 skaters they couldn’t manage to close the point gap that was created in the first half. Although the win went to Road Train Rollers the Wild Hearses put up a good fight and gave them a run for their money.

Final Score: RTR 239 : 60 WH

Written by Rex (Mile Die Club)