Adelaide Showground Bouts 5 and 6: SD v WH and RTR v MDC

It was a cold wintry day in Adelaide on Saturday, 23 July, but the Adelaide Showground was kept warm with two bouts hosted by Adelaide Roller Derby.

First up: Salty Dolls v Wild Hearses

The first bout of the double header evening saw the Salty Dolls fighting for the win against the Wild Hearses. During the first 15 minutes of the first half the score indicated this game could be anyone’s. Both teams fought hard to create a lead in points. The Hearses displayed strong blocking and a lot of fancy backward skating blocks. However the skillful jamming the Salty Dolls enabled the ladies of navy and white take the lead and steadily run away with it.

Half time: SD 80 v WH 54

The second half had some serious déjà vu vibes. The last time these two teams battled it out in May the Salty Dolls took the win (SD 220 v WH 136). The Salty Dolls took charge and drove that point difference further away from the Hearses. The score however was not an indication of how hard each team was fighting. The second half was as exciting as the first half and featured fantastic WooHoo recycling of the Salty Dolls, unstoppable SD jammers, Anne-T shirt fronting Phil, Refs being taken out by skaters and a twerking Ghannie. After winning an intense bout, the Salty Dolls secure their spot in the Grand Final against the Mile Die Club.

Final Official Score: SD 182 v WH 127

Written by Brutiful (Road Train Rollers)


Second up: Road Train Rollers v Mile Die Club

The Road Train Rollers showed some solid defence early, recycling Mile Die Club jammers, and racing ahead to an early lead of MDC 4 to RTR 15 in the first five minutes. However, the strong 2016 Dies aren’t ones to let the game run away, and slipped their jammers through with some neat offence, to flip the lead to MDC 39 to RTR 34 around 10 minutes into the first half. Pack speed was fast and the derby was furious. Despite a couple more lead changes before half time, MDC held onto a small lead for much of the second half, and pushed it out a little more just before half time, to head into the half time break in front: MDC 99 to RTR 72.

A costly box trip for a Dies jammer at the start of the second half saw the Roadies surge a powerjam to take back lead, taking the scores to MDC 99 to RTR 100 five minutes in. Big hits, scattered packs, and frequent lead changes showed the intensity of the bout and the super close match up, but it also led to some stacked penalty box time in the second half for both teams. With ten minutes left, the intense pack action and whirlwind speed seemed to freeze the scoreboard for a few low scoring jams. Dies blockers swarmed red to shut down Roadies jammers, but the Dies jammers met big front walls of Roadie blue. A mighty battle! But, in the end, the Roadies grabbed hold of the slippery score lead and drove steadily to the finish line and a win through the on-track storm: MDC 160 to RTR 177.

The Mile Die Club had already secured their place in the 1st/2nd place Grand Final, and the weekend’s results will see them play off against the Salty Dolls. Despite the glory of this win, season ladder results mean the Road Train Rollers will play for 3rd/4th place against the Wild Hearses, in what is sure to be an exciting double header Grand Final at Adelaide Showground on Saturday, August 6.

Written by Psycho Fox (Salty Dolls)