Adelaide Showground Bouts 7 and 8 – The Grand Final: RTR v WH and SD v MDC

Adelaide Showground – August 6, 2016

3rd-4th Playoff: Road Train Rollers v Wild Hearses

Blockers from both sides jumped straight into action at the first whistle, with fast recycling, firm tripod holding back, and tough combination knock-out hits. The Road Train Rollers scored first, with a neat 4:0 hit-and-quit. The jammers on both teams, however, copped the full extent of the great blocker efforts and the penalty box was a revolving door hot seat for jammers for much of the first half. It seemed each time one was released, another soon followed them in. This kept the crowd loud and engaged but meant a low-scoring game, at only RTR 50 : 21 WH at the end of the first quarter. Fielding a full team of 14 compared to the Hearses’ 10 players allowed the Roadies to play with the roster as their blockers began to settle into a pattern, while the Hearses worked on regrouping via star passes and smart gameplay in players-down situations, with some spectacular individual blocking. While the Hearses showed some strong defensive gameplay, a few crucial solid jams for the Roadies resulted in a half time score of RTR 116 : 61 WH.

The second half began once again a blocker’s delight: plenty of moments of jammers on the floor or in the bin or just shut down for long stretches of low scoring jams. The Hearses fought valiantly to keep the Road Train Roller lead within reach, at around 50 points difference at any time. But the Roadies worked on their part of the equation and steadily kept their points rising, never letting the differential decrease significantly, with the score at RTR 154 to WH 100 around three quarter time. In the last few jams, both teams brought everything they had left to the track. In the final moments of the game, a Hearse primary jammer was fouled out, and meanwhile the Roadies brought home the game, stretching out their lead to 68 points, to take third place for the season with a final score of RTR 186 : 118 WH.

Written by: Psycho Fox (Salty Dolls)

Grand Final: Mile Die Club v Salty Dolls

The battle for top spot this year was between the Salty Dolls (who hold the record for the most grand final appearances in a row), and the Mile Die Club, in their grand final debut!  The Dies had started the season super strong, quickly popping three victories in their back pocket.  The Salties jumped back into contention after only one loss, to do the same, so the match-up was looking to be pretty dang exciting!

The atmosphere was buzzing by the time the teams took to the track; each of them fielding their most seasoned jammers in a bid to gain the edge.  Salties secured a quick lead early on, with the score SD 26:6 MDC with 21 minutes to go in the half.  Despite some beautifully brutal blocking by Lunicorn and Stevie Kixx, the lead jumped to SD 40:6 MDC by the next jam.

The Dies claimed their share of points with Luni getting lead, and then a grand slam, closing the score to SD 40:15 MDC in the next jam.  Both teams were slugging out the hits, apex jumps and slippery jukes, but the Salties kept steadily adding to their lead and foiling the Dies’ attempts ad chasing it.  By halfway through the first, the score read SD 51:15 MDC, and the Dies began to see a few penalties.

Salties wasted no time and kept pumping that lead, to SD 73:20 MDC with ten minutes left.  Bobby Dazzler, back from playing in San Francisco turned up the heat and racked up a few more points for the Dies, but they couldn’t seem to stop that penalty spiral.  The Salties kept firing on all cylinders, keeping the Dies from forming their tripods, and they hit triple digits with five minutes to go.  In the dying minutes of the first half we saw Guns with a power jam, and Ra took Bam out, which is no easy task!  Both teams kept fighting, for a half-time score of SD 128:61 MDC.

Second half began a little more steadily, as the Salties really only had to play safe and protect their lead, which grew nonetheless.  Despite the score, the game was action-heavy; every skater gave their all each jam, and more.  Halfway through the second, the score sat at SD 168:82 MDC.  It seemed like the end result might be obvious, but then the Dies slammed a can of spinach and exploded!  Rex burned through the packs like a rabid dog, Bobby’s feet were a blur, and with ten minutes left, the score read SD 169:107 MDC!

If the Salties were having a quick snooze, they soon woke up though, and snapped back to action.  Phil—known for her everlasting stamina—popped a few more points on the board, but the Dies still never slowed.  Three and a half minutes left saw the score at SD 187:118 MDC, but both teams still soldiered on until the final whistle.

The scoreboard read SD 197:130 MDC at full time; the Salty Dolls are Adelaide Roller Derby’s 2016 champions!

Written by Tricksey Belt’Em (Road Train Rollers)