Closed Bouts 1 & 2: Salty Dolls vs. Road Train Rollers and Mile Die Club vs. Wild Hearses

Greyhound Park
Sunday April 30 2017

MDC vs. WH

Flying in from their season opener – a hard fought battle against the Salty Dolls – the Mile Die Club were keen to get back to the game and hungry for their first 2017 season win. For the Wild Hearses, it was the first 2017 bout, and they were eager to start their season off on a win. Both teams came into the bout fired up and ready to roll.

The Dies brought fierce teamwork to the game early and held a lead of around thirty points for much of the first half. Around the start of the second quarter, the Hearses picked up their momentum and a few strong jams saw them not only catch up to the Dies but overtake them in a fast and furious score lead change. But a timely team time out helped the Dies catch their breath and regain a score lead, heading into half time back in front, although not out of the deadly reach of the Wild Hearses.

The second half saw more fast packs and well-timed offence from the Dies. The Hearses brought some strong individual defence and jamming to the game, but the Dies kept the front of the pack locked down and relentlessly recycled Hearse jammers, and a key Hearse jammer fouled out. Both teams played answer-response derby, but the Dies held a steady 30 point lead and earned themselves a win in a final score of MDC 221 : 189 WH.

Written by: Psycho Fox (Salty Dolls)

RTR vs. SD

Bout three in our closed double header saw the 2016 Grand Final champions, the Salty Dolls, line up against the feisty Road Train Rollers.

The first half displayed a combination of tight defence and agile jamming from both teams. The Road Train Roller jammers were determined to fly over the apex, scoring plenty of points as they landed but the Salty Doll blockers were having none of it. They stayed strong, dished out some big hits and formed some impenetrable walls.

During the second half, faster and more determined gameplay unfolded on the track with both teams needing to adjust their approach to accommodate for injury, exhaustion and players fouling out of the game. The Roadies experimented with different jammers in this half; fielding Letta Loose, Lady Vengeance and Violent Krumble, all of whom did a magnificent job smashing their way through the pack. The Salties kept to their regular jammer rotation this time round and consistency paid off as they sailed away with the win 240-123.

Written by: Sia Hurler (Wild Hearses)