Closed Bouts 3 & 4: Salty Dolls vs. Wild Hearses and Mile Die Club vs. Road Train Rollers

Greyhound Park
Sunday 28 May


Adelaide Roller Derby’s fifth bout saw The Road Train Rollers and Mile Die Club battle it out! Both team have amazing strengths and powerhouse players. This game could have been anyone’s.

The first jam saw Killakaze jamming for the Roadies up against the all mighty Mad Sqweelz Milz for The Dies. The first whistle blew and the jammers hit through the walls hard! The Dies’ jammer was out first, calling the jam off quickly to avoid the Roadies getting any points. The Dies were playing a hard game; however, the Roadies were playing just as hard. Crush’er Ramone and Elle Catraz were recycling the Dies’ jammer while Lunicorn and Moe Skeeto formed an unbreakable pair. The first 10 minutes in saw a score of MDC 13 : 20 RTR. The Road Train Rollers started to gain a lead on the Dies when Scrimogen scored an awesome 19 point jam. It was a tough and tactical game both teams are playing. The first half came to an intense close with a score of MDC 65 : 89 RTR. The question everyone was asking was: could the Dies make a comeback in the second half?

The second half started with Killa and Sqweelz again. Killa got a cutting penalty before making an initial pass and Sqweelz closed the score gap with a 9 point jam. As the game went on, the intensity and roughness of the bout started to escalate. Skaters almost had their heads taken off and jammers were taking hits so hard they were flying off the track. By halfway through the second half, the score was MDC 110 : 128 RTR. The Roadies put out their powerhouse players and kept the lead on the Dies but the Dies weren’t going down without a fight. Sqweelz, Feisty Feline and Evil Stig made it real tough for the Roadies’ jammer, but it wasn’t enough for them to take the lead. The Roadies were triumphant, taking the win with a final score MDC 124 : 141 RTR. Both teams played a hard game; however, the Roadies played that little bit harder.

Written by VVarlust (Wild Hearses)

SD vs. WH

Bout five saw the Woohoos take on the Salties. With the Wild Hearses bringing a strong defence despite playing down, they gave the Salties a run for their money.

This fast-paced game was a challenge for both jammers and blockers alike. The Salty jammers used lots of tricky footwork down the line off the jam start but the Hearsies didn’t let them get too far in front on points, with both teams receiving their fair share of lead jammer status.

At half time, the game still could have been anyone’s, with a score of Wild Hearses 36 : 86 Salty Dolls.

The Salties’ strength came through in the second half when their partner blocking was key to keeping hold of those Hearsie jammers. That said, neither team was afraid to give big hits, sending all the jammers either flying off the track or knocking them straight to the floor.

Ultimately, the Salties made the most of their power jams and came out on top, with a final score of Wild Hearses 92 : 155 Salty Dolls.

Written by: Girl Rex Door (Mile Die Club)