Greyhounds Bout 8 & 9: MDC v WH and RTR v SD

Adelaide Roller Derby had their 8th and 9th bouts for the season at the Greyhounds on 26 June 2016. As always, it was an exciting day of derby full of thrills and spills.


The last time Mile Die Club and Wild Hearses met was the Premier Shrowground bout of Season 2016 and this rematch was set to be another thrilling match up.

As the first half begun the deceased bandits faced the mile-high madams point for point, with Mile Die Club keeping a slight as time progressed. Powerful blocking by both teams resulted in some valuable power jams but still the scores remained tight. Until halfway through Honey Homicide was able to capitalise on a power jam and push the Wild Hearses over the line to gain a slight lead on Mile Die making the points 35 to 28. Not to be discouraged, Mile Die Club weren’t having any of this and quickly re-established their lead 43 to 36 with 10 minutes to go.

As the first half was about to wrapped up walls were being busted open, jammers were being recycled way back and the tension was palpable. Mile Die Club dominated the last few jams of the half with Mad Squeelz Milz racking up point after point and at half time the scores are MDC 75 to WH 65.

The second half begins with Mile Die Club’s jammer in the box, taking a little bit of a longer rest then everyone else, however the following jam results in a power jam for the Mile Die jammer evening things out. Both teams blockers were working overtime to help their jammer make up the points to cement a substantial lead. Mile Die work their way up to 105 to Wild Hearses 88 but thanks to some strong offense by the Hearsies they close the gap with cheeky four points midway through the half.

Some foul outs followed and some strong tripods holding both teams’ jammers but Mile Die managed to pull in front 145 to the Hearsies 106 with 5 minutes left in the game. In the final jam both teams come out guns blazing but Ra didn’t stop making those passes and at the end of the bout, Mile Die Club were victorious with a win 149 points to the Wild Hearses 119.

Written by Evil Stig (Salty Dolls)



Game 9 of the season was held at the Greyhounds and saw the Road Train Rollers face off against the Salty Dolls for the second time. The Salty sirens had bagged a win in their last clash, though the Truck stop belles had given them a run for their money; this was set to be an exciting bout.

Both teams came out firing, and after 2 minutes, with a score of RTR 4 : 7 SD, it was clear this was going to be a battle. Blocking was on point, making the jammers have to earn every set of hips they passed. Halftime saw a wickedly close score of RTR 88 : 84 SD.

Second half was a real suspense thriller. First jam in saw the Dolls tie with the Roadies, which set the tone. Lead changes, big hits, penalties, power jams and still nobody was clear for the win. With 7 minutes to go, the score was RTR 152 : 146 SD. Things were getting tight. There was no more room for error, for either team. When the clock showed 2:35 left, with a score of RTR 157 : 156 SD, the crowd was buzzing, and the loudest we’ve heard at the dogs this year. Then BAM! Bam cleared the way for Phil to get lead. She called it for a score of RTR 157 : 160 SD with only 2 minutes in it. SD added 3 points, but Killa got lead, called it and there was 44 sec left with a score of RTR 161 : 163 SD!

Final jam. Pow sent to the box! Power jam for the Salty Dolls! But the Roadie blockers did a fantastic job of holding Trinket, and Pow got out again to keep scoring! It was pandemonium; nobody knew what was happening, and when the final whistle blew, all eyes were on the scoreboard to see the points go up. Unofficial score said RTR 169 : 168 SD. Could it be the first Roadie win of the season? Final score and it stands! What a battle! Both teams left it all on the track for this one, and the Roadies clinched it by the skin of their teeth! Crowd finally exhales.

RTR 169 : 168 SD

Written by Tricksey Belt’Em (Road Train Rollers)