Happy Birthday to us! It’s a celebration! (our 10 year anniversary).

Can you believe it; Adelaide Roller Derby (ADRD) has been around for ten years?! And hot daaaamn, we look good for our age if we don’t mind saying so ourselves!


It all started in 2007, with a Texan by the name of Barrelhouse Bessy and her crazy ambition to start a community of women, who skated together and partied together. After a year of practising to remain vertical on skates whilst conducting explosive blocks, the first two teams were formed; the Salty Dolls and Mile Die Club (whom you can catch this Saturday, 8 April 2017). These two teams debuted their first public bout in 2008. The group of dedicated referees that we now know as Team Zebra also grew to ensure these fierce women were kept in check on the track.

After many sell out bouts, there was a growing demand to join the league and in 2009, the warriors of the road, Road Train Rollers, rolled in and the third bouting team was created.

The people of Adelaide still couldn’t get enough of the derbs, and ADRD didn’t have the heart to turn all these empowered women away. And just like that, the ladies of the dead, the Wild Hearses, were created in 2010.

Today, our league is stands at 80 members, with an oversupply of skaters wishing to join each year.

The demand for roller derby didn’t stop at the punters of Adelaide; there was a thirst across Australian and New Zealand roller derby communities for more on track time together. With much hard work, The Great Southern Slam (TGSS) was birthed; an all-inclusive roller derby extravaganza event where leagues from across the country and our friends in NZ came together. At the time it was, the largest roller derby tournament in the world, and remains the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.

To celebrate these achievements and more, we’ll be hosting a bit of a shindig at the Freemasons Hall (yes there’ll be a secret handshake required on entry).


We’re either gonna celebrate like Rick James…


Or party like its nineteen ninety nine…


Either way, we’re pretty great at hosting parties, and this is one party you won’t want to miss. So save the date: Saturday, 16 September 2017 and keep across all the details by signing up to our Loveletters.