April 7, 2017

Mile Die Club

Buckle Up

Hotter than a habanero, the Mile Die pilots navigate the heavens with the snap and sparkle of a lightning bolt, raining down killer smiles while hip checking their way through any turbulence encountered along the way. Put yourself in the brace position as these ladies take you on a wild ride...enjoy your trip!


Meet the skaters

5 Evil Stig
12 hotXguns
18 Jetfire
27 Girl Rex Door
33 Moe Skeeto
38 Roller Stomp-Her
43 Mad Sqweelz Milz
55 Bobby Dazzler
61 Irma Gherd
64 Ghosty
71 Lunicorn
72 Feisty Feline
91 Ankle Grinder
123 Count deBumps
226 Ra
314 QT
711 Libsmacker
777 Armed Bandit
911 Cracky Rizzo
934 Hermione Gouge-Her
1414 Whip'her Snip'her
1511 Sin & Tonic