April 7, 2017

Salty Dolls

Nautical But Nice

The sultry sirens of the seven seas… be cast adrift with these nautical but nice, slighty surly Salty Doll sailorettes as they cruise the oceans looking for their next roller rivals they can lash to the mast or send to their watery grave.


Meet the skaters

6 Bowdacious Bruiser
8 Gnome Chompsky
22 Black Betty
24 Fury of Fenrir
28 The Pie
29 Bam Bam Belial
31 Victoria Bitter
36 The Eagle
73 Psycho Fox
75 Rattleskate
79 Toxic Mossy
88 The Philistine
119 Trinket
303 Femmebot 3000
333 Bricketty
404 The Shove Boat
940 Gee Wizz
987 Get'erway Driver
2880 Blue Wrenegade