Showground Bout 1: Mile Die Club vs Salty Dolls.

Adelaide Showground
Saturday, 8 April 2017

Adelaide Roller Derby (ADRD) celebrated its 10th year of derby with a bang in its first bout of the 2017 season! ADRDs two original teams – Mile Die Club and The Salty Dolls – took to the track in a rematch of last year’s grand final.

First whistle blows and it is Bobby Dazzler vs The Philistine. Mile Die Club are fuelled up, ready to fly and are the first team to put points on the board! The first 15 minutes of the bout sees MDC 36:19 SD. The season is well underway as both teams rack up a few penalties in the first half and the Mile Die lose their captain Ra due to injury. Both teams are playing their strongest skaters! Jammers are seen steam rolling through and some blockers are making it impossible to get past. Suddenly it no longer looks like the Mile Die Club have got this in the bag. With three minutes left in the first half The Salty Dolls bring out the big anti-aircraft guns and the lead changes to MDC 43:83 SD.

The second half is a real nail biter for Mile Die fan and begins with a big roar from the crowd! Will the Mile Die Club regain the lead? 10 minutes in and Bobby Dazzler is lead for the Dies and VB passes the star to Bam Bam Bellial! The score stands at MDC 67:143 SD. Both teams are giving it their all for the second half, however, but the Salties crew now seem unbeatable! Their jammers are flying and their Blockers are unbreakable. The second half is closing and it seems like almost no one is safe from that penalty board! Fury is jamming more for The Salties and is racking up the final points! The game ends with an unbelieve fight from both teams. The crowd goes wild as the official score reads: MDC: 148:224 SD

What a way to start the season! Thanks to all who came out and supported the teams!

Written by: VVarlust (Wild Hearses)