Showground Bout 2: Road Train Rollers vs Wild Hearses

Adelaide Showground
Saturday, 13 May 2017

As the Adelaide Showground doors opened on Bout 4 of 2017 ADRD, fans were welcomed by the cool, swinging tunes of veteran Adelaide band The Satellites. Whilst the rockabilly/roots fusion music rang out through the venue pumping up the crowd for the game to come, the Wild Hearses and Road Train Rollers took to the track to warm up. Both teams were yet to secure a win so far this season and both enthusiastically anticipated the opportunity to bring one home.

The whistle blew on the first half & KillaKaze of the Road Train Rollers was the first jammer out of the pack. The Roadies start strong, hitting out the Hearsie jammers and recycling them all the way back. Despite brilliant blocking from both teams, the score of 26/19 RTR way with 19 minutes left of the first half showed the Roadies starting to carve out a lead. Strong Roadie walls held the Hearsies jammers throughout multiple jams and despite the relentless efforts of assisters such as Missile Belial and Pervine their jammers just couldn’t get through the mighty Roadie tripods. Penalties abounded with the naughty bin filling up midway through the half and the score jumped to 39/19 RTR when Invader Scrim & Vvarlust faced off at the jammer line. Scrim breezed through for lead but took a trip to the audience on her next pass courtesy of the Hearsie blockers whilst Vvar attempted to pass the star through the pack. The score read 79/32 RTR with 7 minutes remaining. There were some big hits, a lot of bodies hitting the concrete and a Road Train Roller star pass to Harry Smyles to wrap up the 1st half. When the whistle blew, the score was 113 Road Train Rollers to 45 Wild Hearses.

Refreshed and revitalised skaters returned to the track for the second half and the Wild Hearses were raring to close the 68 point gap, if anyone can do it it’s these dead girls! As the second half commenced, the Hearses were doing a good job of matching the Roadies’ points and the score with 22 minutes remaining is 123/55 to RTR. All of a sudden our Commies for the evening, Tricksy Belt’em and Finger Prince simultaneously shrieked ‘Maaaaaaids’ as Maiden Hell sent a sneaky Hearsie jammer flying on the apex. Midway through the second half but we saw the refs getting into the action, Harry left the track to say hello to Outside Pack Ref Slaine and Jam Ref Kenunot received a nice cuddle from Killakaze on the apex. All of this all occurred during game play; these guys are true professionals. With a little over 10 minutes remaining Mental Defect worked hard to deflect the Roadies’ offense attempts for their jammer and the score was 151 to 72. At 4.40 minutes remaining the Hearsies came out hard and fast and the crowd cheered as Hussey jumped the apex, bringing the score are 190/88 RTR. The game ended and had been played with hard, swooping hits from the Road Train Rollers & fancy footwork from the Wild Hearses. At the final whistle the score was RTR 196 to WH 117 and both teams worked up a strong thirst, so they head to the Wheaty where the Hearies attempted to take out the afterparty!

Written by: Evil Stig (Mile Die Club)