Showground Bout 3: Salty Dolls vs Road Train Rollers

Adelaide Showground
Saturday, 3 June 2017

What a bout!

When a game of roller derby offers this many hard hits and such a fast pace it’s hard to go home without shredding your wind pipes screaming from the sidelines.

The Salty Dolls kicked off this round with some cracking footwork and a few high scoring jams but after a couple of jammer trips to the sin bin their strong lead slipped away rapidly. The Road Train Rollers grabbed a hold on the lead and clung tight forcing cuts, recycling and smashing the bejeebers out of that good ship Lollipop hoping for a capsize. Not only were their blockers on fire but their jammers were hot on their toes and the game got hot and heavy!

Half time score had The Road Train Rollers still in the lead with 99 points to the Salty Dolls’ 74. After a few quick call offs to kick off the second half the Salties ship gained some ground on that Road Train but no one was relenting. The Roadies were nailing defence and their jammers were slipping on through, keeping the Salties at bay.

With ten minutes to go (Roadie and Salty supporters cheering hard) the game could have been anyone’s victory. The Salties made a comeback with a 14 point jam and with a minute left in the game they had a 4 point lead for the first time since the start of the game. The Roadies called a time out with 10 seconds to go sneaking in ONE. MORE. JAM!

Salties got lead jammer and called it off maintaining their 4 point lead. What a comeback! Final score SD 164 RTR 160.

Written by Cracky Rizzo (Mile Die Club)