#TGSS2016 – skater run, skater owned

Did you know that Adelaide Roller Derby host the world’s largest roller derby tournament? The Great Southern Slam, or TGSS as it is fondly known as across the globe, was birthed from an idea to bring leagues across Australia and New Zealand together under one roof, offering the opportunity to compete against one another; a chance that many rural and/or Read more about #TGSS2016 – skater run, skater owned[…]

Greyhounds Bout 3 & 4: MDC v RTR and WH v SD

Adelaide Roller Derby had their 3rd and 4th Greyhounds bouts for this season at the Greyhounds on 22 May 2016. It was an exciting day of derby full of thrills and spills. The season’s undefeated team, Mile Die Club went up against the Road Train Rollers for the first bout of the day. It was Read more about Greyhounds Bout 3 & 4: MDC v RTR and WH v SD[…]